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14 Apr 2019

Hello World

About Domain Name: lynnislu.com

Lynn is my English name, though I prefer my Chinese name: Lu which is short and exact. The name for my weisite is “Lynn is Lu”. When you put them closer like “lynnislu”, it is pronounced like “linuxlu”, indicating the learning goals I am chasing: Linux.

But why Linux? Here is the story…

You know, for the students in engineer school in France, they are supposed to get a three-month internship at their first master year. I was desperately searching my internship in France or any other country that time. Lucky was I, I had gotten more than one offer. The first one was Adeo. It wasn't bad at least the salary was considerable but it was not that helpful for my long-term plan for my career since it was a hardware internship job. The second one is Nexedi, which is the current one. In fact, they had turned me off at the first time by a long and detailed mail. I was upset and impressed when I saw the mail. Few days later, nevertheless, the CEO of the company, Jean-paul SMETS made a call to me. During the phone call, he did say something. He strongly insisted me: “Drop your Mac, drop your Windows, use Linux for one year! “. He also told me that he had started using Linux when he was 25 (or around…I couldn't remember…), and after one year of Linux using, he had made a giant improvement of programming. Besides, he recommanded me to buy a server on kimsufi (it's only cost 3.99euro/month!!). Then it is happening, the website.

Well, after the call, I also went to visit the company Nexedi. Somehow, I got the intern by this way…Lucky me!

About the blog

It's gonna be a sharing notebook of mine. It will include some IT knowledge, language learning(French), as well as some experience sharing about how to study aboard. And the language of the post could be English, Chinese, maybe French… Just thank for your reading.

That's it.

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