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01 May 2020

Change Language to English in Terminal

Change git command back to English in MacOS.
22 Apr 2020


30 Mar 2020

Home Assistant - 半小时完成HassOS安装与初步配置

Raspbery Pi(树莓派)4B安装Home Assistant系统(HassOS),内容包括安装系统,Wi-Fi配置及SSH设置。
18 Dec 2019

Smart Assistant Summary

Based on PWA, the idea of Smart Assistant is to help Smart Assistant User to interact with [ERP5]([https://www.erp5.com/](https://www.erp5.com/)) system.
06 Dec 2019

Apache2 Configuration on Server (Debian 9)

This post will explain the how to install and configure Apache on a linux server and present some additional tricks & tips for site building